Mindstreaming is a vision to bring about world peace within the next 25 years.

Planet earth and its populations face tremendous obstacles at this time. Yet we will fail to deal with these obstacles if we continue to only address the symptoms. What’s needed is a deep response that gets to the heart of the situation.

The single most important task facing us now is to awaken the consciousness of humanity as a whole. As outrageous as it sounds, this is something we can deliberately innovate.

As a simple example, think of how powerful a film can be in reaching many people with its message. The Mindstreaming vision is to create new mediums that have a similar effect as film but on an exponentially larger scale. For example…

Since world peace is the fundamental desire of every human being on the planet, not only is it possible, but it’s completely realistic that we could achieve this.

We don’t have to be shy about the words, “Save the world.” People are suffering everywhere because they are cut off from their source of well-being. Let’s create powerful new ways for humankind to reconnect, and then let’s get to work.

It’s futile to wait for the visionaries.

Be one.

Summary points of the Mindstreaming Vision:

  1. Universal human goodness exists.
  2. Human society is in peril, yet it is possible to take stewardship of our future.
  3. The most important change needed is a wide scale shift in human consciousness.
  4. It is possible to bring about this shift of consciousness in a deliberate manner.